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More right-solid
More right-solid
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by Antibalas
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Tombstwon > Hook & Crook Him Belly No Go Sweet Dirty Money Ikoyi Rat Race Gold Rush Che Che Sare Kon Kon
Topics: Afrobeat, 24Bit, Seattle, Nectar
Source: Sony PCM-D50 @ 24x96 on balcony rail, Pointed at speakers.
Garage A Trois
by Garage A Trois
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Set 1  01. Sprung Monkey 02. Track 2 03. Calm Down Cologne 04. Nothing But The Blues 05. Tchefunkta  06. Those People 07. Gangster of Love 08. Nalgas Set 2  01. Power House 02. Angel Nemali 03. Track 3 04. Ramblin 05. Track 5 06. Blues For Ben
Topics: Live concert, 24Bit, Jazz, Nectar Lounge, Garage A Trois
Source: Sony PCM-D50 On rail over SBD, built in mics 24x96 pointed at stacks.
John Brown's Body
by John Brown's Body
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1. Empty Hands 5:40 2. Give Yourself Over 5:48 3. The Gold 6:56 4. Speak Of The Devil 5:27 5. Searchlight 7:28 6. The Cup Dub 4:58 7. Zion Triad 7:49
Topic: Reggae
Source: Sony PCM-D50 built in mics @ stage pointing up 48/24
by Polyrhythmics
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Au Jus > The Itis Chingador Dragon Lotion > Pupusa Strut Klompton Goldie's Road Banter Yeti, Set, Go * Zion * Digital Cowboy * Labrador Octagon Pt. 1 Octagon Pt. 2 Jessie's Party E: Before 4 After 4 ^
Topics: Afrobeat, Funk, Jazz, Seattle, Nectar, 24 Bit
Source: Sony PCM-D50 @ 24x96 on balcony rail, Pointed at speakers.
by phoffman
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Intro Just To Lie Lose My Way City Of New Orleans Olivia (RayBax) Windshield Reverend What Happened To Jim Fo Sho, Uh-huh > New Barnes Elephant Living Over Intro Graceland BBOYD > Bring Out Your Dead Demons Feathered Indians No Idea Beauty and Pain Leap Year Fixin' To Ruin (w/Scott Law) Eyes Of The World (w/Scott Law) E: Miss September E: Stand By Me (Past My Prime Mashup)
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Topics: Bluegrass, Seattle, Tractor, 24 Bit
Source: Sony PCM-D50 @ 24x96 on stage pointed up, XY.
String Cheese Incident
by String Cheese Incident
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Dirk > Cedar Laurels > How Mountain Girls Can Love Blue Bossa Can’t Wait Another Day > Dude Ranch Jam > Best Feeling > Element Jam > Valley Of The Jig Bird Words (Lester) > Shantytown > Black And White > It Is What It Is Impressions > * Drums Get Tight Let’s Go Outside E: I Know You Rider
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Topic: Jazz, Bluegrass, Canada, 24Bit, Element
Source: Sony PCM-D50 @ 24x48 Just in front of board, 120°.
by Lettuce
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Requiem > Get Greasy Morning Mr Shminkelhuffer The New Reel Kron Dutch Ready To Live Chief Purple Cabbage Ghost Of Jupiter (with Skerik) New Neal Lettsanity Shmink Dabby Kane Madison Square Sounds Like A Party E: The Force > E: Phyllis
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 2 reviews )
Topic: Jazz, Funk, Lettuce, Showbox, 24Bit
Source: Sony PCM-D50 @ 96x24, built in mics, at soundboard, straight on pattern.